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Diversity and Inclusion

Anti-Discrimination Statement

At Ambrit, we stand firmly against discrimination in all its forms. Our mission, deeply rooted in our 40-year history of serving a vibrant international community, is to honour the diversity and dignity of every individual within our school environment.

We recognize that discrimination is complex and multifaceted and requires our constant attention and action. It is our commitment to create a school culture where every member feels safe, seen, heard, and treated with dignity and respect.

Our approach to combating discrimination is not just about what we teach but how we teach it. We are all, as a community, responsible for embodying the values we advocate. This responsibility involves actively teaching and demonstrating the principles of equality.

We understand that each incident of discrimination is unique and demands careful examination. Therefore, our response to such instances will always be thoughtful and tailored to the specific situation, ensuring that our actions are effective and meaningful.

As a faculty and staff, we educate our students not only to recognize intolerance and injustice but to stand against them decisively. Our curriculum, student-led initiatives, and our own behaviour as role models will consistently reflect our commitment to anti-discrimination principles.

Together, we commit to a future where discrimination has no place, and where every individual has the opportunity to thrive in an environment of mutual respect and understanding.

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