Student Support Services

The Student Services department at Ambrit is comprised of EAL, Learning Support and Counseling. We work together as a closely-knit team to meet the specific and diverse needs of all our students. Our teachers and parents also play a significant role in this collaboration in order to enhance the school experience for each student.

English as an Additional Language (EAL) Support

The EAL program at Ambrit aims to assist students whose first language is not English, in becoming competent users of the English language so they can participate fully in the social and academic life of the school. English language learning is not intended as a replacement for the student’s home language(s) but as an additional language. Through differentiated support options, the EAL support teachers collaborate with class teachers to facilitate the integration of all English language learners into the mainstream classrooms.

Learning Support

Ambrit recognizes the potential within each child. In an effort to foster the student’s continued growth, the Learning Support team provides assistance to students with mild or moderate learning differences and to students requiring academic support. Our Learning Support teachers work closely with classroom teachers, specialist teachers, tutors and external consultants. These professionals, together with the invaluable input of parents, ensure that we are providing the personalized support that our students require.

Counseling Support

Ambrit adopts a whole-child approach that considers students’ academic, social, physical and emotional development. This whole-child approach is an intrinsic element in Ambrit’s formula for success. The counseling team operates as part of the Student Support Services offered at Ambrit. The goal of the counseling team is to enhance the well-being of the school community in a confidential, non-judgmental manner. In addition to providing concrete interventions and insight, counselors serve as coaches to teachers, parents and students by strengthening the skills and adaptations needed to achieve personal success in all areas. The team provides individual, small group and family counseling for our school community. In addition, the team also organizes student, parent and teacher workshops on a range of topics including: social skills, transitions, third culture kids, behaviour management, bullying prevention and family harmony.

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