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Ambrit International School provides students with a balanced variety of educational experiences that aims to meet each child’s needs. The varied offerings in our After School Activity program provide opportunities for physical activity, teamwork, creativity, skills development, intellectual pursuits, enhancement of the child’s mother tongue, and socialisation.

Our goal is to offer our students an enjoyable experience which will enrich their academic experience.

Most activities are taught by Ambrit staff members so a wide range of possible activities, varying according to their multiple talents and interests, are offered for Early Childhood, Primary and Middle School students.

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Examples of the over 90 possible activities offered annually include:

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  • Origami, Embroidery, Arts and Crafts,
  • Sketchbook
  • Drama, Debate, Newspaper, Book Club
  • Creative Writing, Math, Science
  • Tennis, Yoga, Soccer, Basketball
  • Robotics, Coding, STEM
  • Spanish, Mandarin, French
  • Gardening, Nature Exploration

After School Music

The after school activity program includes a rich and varied music program with four choirs, an orchestra and numerous opportunities for private musical instrument lessons. Academic tutoring by Ambrit staff members can also be arranged.

Student Life - After School - Music

Each school year consists of two half-year sessions and students are given the opportunity to enrol for the entire year or make a change mid-year. After school activities are offered Monday through Friday from 15:45 until 16:45.