Ambrit supports the timely and safe transportation of our students to and from school. The school offers a bus service in partnership with a private bus company. The bus company operates 13 buses on a daily basis from 7:00 in the morning. Bus routes are established based on the areas where families reside. Adjustments to the bus routes can be made to accommodate new families, space permitting. If you wish to use the bus service, it is necessary to register your child preferably by the end of June for the next school year.

Bus coverage areas are listed below:
Ardeatina- Appia Antica
Esquilino – Celio
Laurentina – Eur
Fonte Meravigliosa – Tintoretto
Tor Carbone – Roma 60 (Grotta Ferrata)
Appio Latino
San Saba – Aventino
Centro Storico – Trastevere

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