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Ambrit Middle School is made up of a vibrant group of young people from many countries who are lucky enough to be living and learning in the unique city of Rome. Middle School students are at an age when they are becoming more aware of the world around them, questioning how things work and open to different viewpoints, and we constantly harness this energy and the natural tendency for inquiry in our lessons. The school’s location, close to the historic city center, also inspires reflection on past civilizations and an appreciation of the beauty of our surroundings. These elements underscore our curriculum as we strive to nurture a love of learning, open-mindedness, and inquisitiveness in a beautiful setting. The IB Learner Profile is the backbone of our philosophy but we also treasure the lessons of the past and traditions of our school, whilst striving for a dynamic, forward-looking environment.   

In Ambrit Middle School, we recognize and appreciate the unique physical, learning and developmental needs of students of this age group. We value the fact that they are developing not only their reasoning and abstract thinking but also their sense of identity, purpose, and ethics. These are vital years where students develop patterns, skills, and attitudes that will support their learning in future education. We are also keenly aware of the role of technology and critical thinking skills in preparing today’s students for the future.

Our classrooms are bright and comfortable learning spaces, with flexible configurations to accommodate transitions from whole group instruction to team learning. This supports the curriculum which is rich in content and individualized approaches to instruction. We realize students all learn differently while having strong interpersonal needs.

The Middle School curriculum includes all the MYP subject groups: Language and Literature, Language Acquisition (Italian, French, Mandarin, and Spanish), Mathematics, Science, Individuals and Societies, Arts, Design and PHE. The Middle School staff is a dedicated and long-serving group of teachers who collectively bring many years of experience, a passion for their subjects and the willingness to keep evaluating the best teaching practices. We also offer a wealth of after-school activities, including a wide choice of sports, and music groups that range from Orchestra and Choir to Rock Band, as well as a variety of other clubs. Other choices range from Montessori Model United Nations to Film History, Chinese culture to Shakespeare club, and many more. Middle School life is also full of events that enrich the curriculum, such as listening to prestigious speakers, concerts, drama, sports competitions, debates, assemblies, Maths nights and charity events.

Ambrit students have frequent opportunities to explore Rome and gain an understanding of the many layers of history on our doorstep. Residential trips to Umbria, Florence, and Venice are also highlights of the Middle School years at Ambrit. These trips are a fundamental part of our syllabus, as they bring classroom learning to life and are the culmination of cross-curricular study units as well as allowing the students to mature in their independence and sense of community.

The pastoral care of the children is of fundamental importance and we dedicate regular time during the week to this important side of school life. Evey Middle School student is part of an advisory group, led by an experienced teacher whose role is to guide the individual child in his/her personal growth. The varied activities are aimed at giving a sense of belonging and helping students value their strengths as well as reflecting on areas for growth. The international nature of our school is valued and Ambrit students have many opportunities to understand and value the myriad cultures within our community.

Ambrit Middle School is a happy, energetic community of learners who study in a unique setting. Our students have fun, learn to respect others and study hard to achieve success. We work to develop well-rounded people who aim for high academic standards as they prepare to move on to the next stage of learning.

Welcome to Ambrit Middle School.

Curriculum Overview

Martin Leavy

Middle School Principal

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