Early Childhood

Ambrit’s Early Childhood offers a warm, inviting environment for the youngest students of the Ambrit community.

Each classroom reflects the care and dedication the teachers put into making school a special place for your children.

The EC programme focuses on developmentally appropriate practice with an emphasis on instilling a desire to learn through the child’s innate sense of curiosity. Through inquiry, students explore the setting, discover and make meaning of the world around them supported by the teachers and their peers.

Play is an imperative part of early childhood education. Play provides many skills needed for the younger student’s social, emotional, physical and emotional development. Through play children’s creativity, curiosity and imagination are stimulated. They develop self-awareness, build confidence, learn to take risks and problem solve. Play is learning.

For many it is their first experience away from home, therefore social interaction plays a fundamental part. Children begin to express themselves independently whilst learning to respect others and the environment facilitated by the teachers.

We have established safe and caring surroundings where your children can develop confidence in their own abilities, a willingness to experience new and challenging things, a love of learning and creative spirits.

Welcome to Early Childhood.

Curriculum Overview

Josie Fabiani

Early Childhood Principal

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