Primary Newsletter – October 2019

Primary Newsletter

October 2019


Oct. 7: Parent PYP Info Session @ 8:45 in the Atrium Library

Oct. 7-9: Grade 4 Arteaparte Trip (4Z)

Oct. 9-11: Grade 4 Arteaparte Trip (4M) 

Oct. 10-12: Little Reader Book Fair

Oct. 12: Autumn BBQ

Oct. 23: Parent Conferences (School Closed)

Oct. 28-Nov. 1: Fall Break (No School)

Nov. 11-13: Grade 5 Pompeii Trip (5P) 

Nov.13-15: Grade 5 Pompeii Trip (5W) 

Nov.18-20: Grade 5 Pompeii Trip (5N) 

Nov. 21 & 22: Teacher Inservice Days (School closed for students)

Dec. 3: Grade 2 Winter Recital @ 9:30am

Dec. 4: Grade 3 Winter Recital @ 9:30am

Dec. 5 : Grade 1 Winter Recital @ 9:30am

Dec. 10: Grade 5 Winter Recital @ 9:30am

Dec. 11: Grade 4 Winter Recital @ 9:30am

Dec. 19: Last day of classes (12 noon dismissal)

Dec. 20-Jan.6 (2020): Winter Break

Principals’ Message

Welcome back to a new year of learning at Ambrit! We are happy to welcome more than 35 new students and their families to primary this year. We look forward to seeing everyone at our Autumn BBQ scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 12 from 11:00-15:00. Our Little Reader Book Faire will start on Oct. 10 and will also be open through the Autumn BBQ. This is a great place to buy English books for young readers.

Parent-Teacher conferences are scheduled for October 23. School will be closed on this day to facilitate parent teacher meetings.  The goals of these meetings are to better inform the parents of each student’s progress and for all parties to develop a deeper understanding of the child. Parents will complete an online sign-up form to schedule an appointment to meet with the homeroom teacher and have a chance to speak with Italian and other single subject teachers. More information on Parent-Teacher Conferences will be sent home soon.

As the weather starts to cool, please label all of your child’s belongings (jackets, bags, water bottles, etc) with their name. It is much easier to find and return lost items if they are properly labelled.

Your child’s classroom teacher or single-subject teachers should be your first point of reference for most school related issues. Any issues not resolved with a teacher should be referred to David (primary principal) or Carmela (assistant primary principal). 

Warm regards,

David Guarnieri & Carmela Scalia


Mindfullness Matters

This year we have been focusing on mindfulness in discussions with teachers and students. Mindfulness is an awareness of being fully present in the moment. With all the distractions in our modern world, it is important for students and teachers to stay focused and learn to train their mind not to wander. Mindfulness has been linked with increased learning and health benefits. Many teachers are already doing mindfulness activities with the children such as morning meetings, breathing exercises and See-Saw reflections. Here is a link to some TED Talks on the topic. Please see how you can incorporate mindfulness into your interactions with your child.

Developing the Ambrit Audience

In an effort to make Ambrit students better audience members, we had three beginning of the year assemblies in the first two weeks of school. The first assembly was with Grades 1-2 and the second with Grades 3-5. The third assembly was with the entire primary section. During these assemblies we reviewed our assembly essential agreements and practiced appropriate applause. In addition to welcoming new students and celebrating summer birthdays, we also created Wordles (see pic below) for emotions students felt on the first days of school. Afterwards, we learned a dance to a popular summer song (Old Town Road). We hope to continue assemblies for the rest of the year with each grade sponsoring a time where they share what they are learning in the classroom with the rest of primary. We will also have special guest performers and look forward to impressing them with our newly developed audience skills.

“Old Town Road” Dance. Click below to watch the video.

Math Curriculum Update

Last year Ambrit staff spent a great deal of time refining our math curriculum. A special math focus group was created with representatives traveling to the Netherlands for additional professional development. Based on the IB PYP math curriculum, Ambrit’s math curriculum uses learning outcomes across a continuum to inquire about essential understandings across five strands of mathematics (Shape & Space, Pattern & Function, Number, Measurement and Data Handling). Teachers use a variety of resources and games to help children build their conceptual knowledge and problem solving skills. In addition to aligning learning outcomes with essential math understandings, we have also identified critical areas in math to give teachers and parents important outcomes that will be developed in each grade. The learning outcomes for math are included in the curriculum map for each unit of inquiry. In some circumstances, math concepts are investigated as stand alone units. 

Ambrit Going Green!

Our aim is to make Ambrit a more sustainable school environment by reducing our impact on the planet. We are working with our Green Committee, a group of dedicated teachers alongside students, to disseminate information and change some of our practices with determined goals in mind. This month our aim is to ensure every area of the school has adequate and appropriately labelled recycling bins and that these are monitored and correctly used. Our other current goal is to be plastic-free in the lunchroom. Last year our caterers eliminated the mono-use ketchup sachets and plastic spoons for yoghurts. We are working with them to be completely free of plastic in all school-provided lunches.  

We hope parents will join us in this effort to cut down on single-use plastics for snacks or home brought lunches. When in doubt about the recyclability of packaging you can use the app Junker and scan the barcode of the product to see where to properly dispose of waste. 

Here are some other ideas:

  • Invest in a sturdy container or eco-friendly wrap.
  • Avoid small juice boxes with straws (which cannot be recycled in the plastic bin)
  • Try not to buy individually packed cakes and small snack packs, buy a fresh one and send in your sturdy container or wrap. 
  • Send a small sandwich or fruit instead of a merendina. 
  • Buy yoghurts in glass containers rather than plastic. 
  • Avoid buying single-use plastic water bottles, all primary students should bring labeled water bottles to school.

Check out Ambrit’s green initiative’s on our website or follow us on Instagram


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