Grade 6 Poems


Stepping in line

Your heart pounding like a drum

Butterflies in your stomach

The line, getting shorter and shorter

With every step you get more nervous

You get to the front

As you step in the carriage

You hear voices around you

Saying “don’t do it don’t do it”

But you still get in

You’re locked in the carriage

There is no looking back

It starts going

Round, upside down, you go

You enjoy it

You get out feeling exhilarated

You’ve conquered your fear

Now begins your journey to ride more.


The sunset rises, with blazing colors;

light yellow, violet, sky blue, peach orange.

Light starts to push away darkness from the infinite sky.

The melody of little birds in their nests spreads

Joy throughout the Earth.

Sounds of Nature only heard in dreams.

Soft seeds sprout

Tulips open like ballerinas

Dancing across the day meadows;

Droplets of rain fall softly

On sparkling green leaves.

Spring brings happiness and brightness

to the world.




Beauty surprises

Like a Leonardo Da Vinci oil painting.


Beautiful women walk down streets

By shops and roads

Peeking in shop windows.

In the city’s dark night

Little dots floating in the sky

And you start thinking “What a beautiful life”.


Lights fall fast asleep

Night is deepening

Silence rushes among us

Crawling its way to our feet.

The silver crust moon grows

to the size of the Earth

Reflecting on the sapphire lake

Shining lights above

wrap us in a blanket

Soft midnight breeze

Shivering through tangled tree branches

Dancing trees waving to the whistle

An owl hoot echoing into the forest


It’s midnight.


You shine in the night sky

Every night a different shape;

During day, you disappear

Away from us you go!

You’re surrounded by a billion others,

You are the best one.

If only you could stay,

But away from us you go!


Beauty is different in everyone

Like stars in the sky

It can shine or fade

Or twinkle or hide.

Beauty is always out there

Sometimes in outer space;

But if you look for beauty

You may find it

Even in a microscopic place.


Tomorrow is an original new day

Don’t worry about what happened today

Because tomorrow is a bright beginning;

Make your enemies go away

Don’t feel gray,

Feel like you are winning!


Beauty is a true smile  

With nothing to hide;

Like a big warm pillow;

Beauty is a worldwide star

Shining in the eyes of everyone!


Game over

end of one game

and the beginning of another.


The night is dark

Silence is steep

I want to tell you how much I love you

Before I sleep

It will bring me peace

It will make me smile,

I wish you were with me everytime

You shine

Oh I wish you were mine.


Beauty is life

Beauty is joy at a birthday party

Beauty is a tapestry

Waiting to be found.

Beauty is in the air

Beauty is everywhere

Waiting to be found but hiding at every sound

Charming and graceful

And yet we stand here

Baleful and unfaithful

But beauty is here

Waiting for a moment to shine as bright as a headline

Beauty is the tapestry of life.


The harmless morning sun rises

the hard wind blows,

  cries of a new-born

 echo down a road.

Grass grows

life unfolds

trees are still

stars walk the skies

and the moon laughs at the glorious sun.

Smell of a bakery’s sweet dough.

The beginning of a new life upon us


Black fur shines in the moonlight
Long tail sweeping wet grass
Gentle paws pace on the ground.
Tail twirling, twitching
A rumbling sound coming from his throat.
Eyes like yellow glow sticks
Gems the color of amber,
Pure moulded gold.
Beauty in feline form.


She was stretched out on the hay

And praying to the sky.

Her spine twisted

Like a seaweed in a stormy ocean.

Her face anxious but determined,

She felt ready like she was about to start a race,

And take first prize.

After a tremendous effort,

The head appeared,

White as snow.

She scrambled  across the finish line,

Her foal stepped out of his white blanket,

With closed eyes

And breathed in his mother’s scent.

His first touch was the nudge

Of her nose telling him he was not alone

So my baby open your heart,

And your eyes

Because this is your beginning.


There is always a day,

When you wake up

Feeling full of regret.

It seems you can’t change a thing,

And that your life is set.

Sometimes you just wish

The “restart” option

in video games really exists.


Having a new beginning,

is like charging your i-Phone

At zero percent.

As the battery bar slowly turns green,

Your regret turns to high self-esteem.

Fully charged

You stand tall,

Ready for a new start…


A soft velvet rose,

Conserved in a fine glass jar,

Preserving all our internal Beauty.


Beauty is not something you feel

Beauty is something you know you are.

Don’t think as others do

You are the one and only one

who knows who you are!

Show what you are not scared;

Shine like stars in the sky.

Understand you may be gray to other people

But you are a RAINBOW.


A start

A beginning

A new day ahead

The glory over

The sun


Father of our twelve hours

Like many rivers

Flowing into a delta

Into the dark, deep, devious ocean.


Time passing by like the wind’s whisper

I can feel your anxiety overlapping mine;

Your happiness for our fresh start:

A full moon smiling on me-

Dad is here…

I can hear his words running towards me

I am hammering, hoping you can hear me.

I am cold,

Soon a soft smooth blanket hugs me

The room embraces me now

I am a new beginning

Our new beginning.


Wide green fields,

Gentle breeze ruffles its hair,

The little canaries with sweetest breath chirp.

Big skies like oceans cover us,

Red roses that smell like the tender honey from a bee’s nest,

Pine trees with boughs huge like an umbrella extended under the skies,

The morning sun with its tender tips colours the big black star sky with fire,

As the white clouds swing and roll above like little children in a city swing.


Crouching down in the rangy grass,
Prepared for any sudden movement by his prey,
His muscles rigid,
His lean body not making the slightest movement,
His eyes staring ahead fixed on his victim,
His spotted fur like a torch in the light of the earth engulfing the sun,
His streaked face showing no sign of fear but determination,
His tail twitching in concentration.

The antelope drinking by the stream

Lives its last minute…

Now he is upon it and strangling it,
His muscles pumping,
His eyes showing a livid gleam,
His agile body moving fast,
His heart beating steady with the sound of his claws ripping and tearing his nutrition,
A last plea dying on it’s lips,
It’s wretched body going limp.

His shimmering coat sweaty and full of blood,
Panting he sinks to the ground to enjoy his dinner,
Endangered as he is, he has survived another day as an Asiatic cheetah.


She was stretched out on the hay

And praying to the sky.

Her spine twisted

Like a seaweed in a stormy ocean.

Her face anxious but determinate,

She felt ready like she was about to start a race

And take first prize.

After a tremendous effort,

The head appeared,

White as snow.

She scrambled  across the finish line,

Her foal stept out of his white blanket,

With closed eyes

And breathed in his mother’s scent.

His first touch was the nudge

Of her nose telling him he was not alone

So my baby open your heart,

And your eyes because this is your beginning


Seeds start to shoot,

a gentle shower falls on the undeveloped flowers;

little birds sing their first words,

bees buzz.

Spring, like a youth,

generates hope and ideas.


You can change the future

But you can’t change the past;

Everyday brings a new day,

a new beginning;

What I do today will affect tomorrow.

This is my life

and I decide what to do with it

To make it successful.


I am the only one

to believe in myself.

I am unique

I am who I am.


The dark blue sky,

with a thousand dancing lanterns in the celestial sphere;

the moon crawling up from the horizon

dewdrops reflecting the moon’s glory

on a field full of dormant flowers.

Silvery snow shimmering on mountain tops in the night sky

the colors of the celestial sphere

embrace the night yet again.


Sometimes the clouds part

And the sun begins to shine onto a black earth

Tall Grey trees crumbling down

But riding is a brand new town

Children laughing

Birds singing

And the world is starting again


Reflection in the mirror

Searching for the hidden beauty like a geode

Dull and concrete on the outside

Twinkling crystal on the inside

The beauty of man

Is a crystal geode.


Beauty is everything –

Beauty is the wind that strokes your face on hot days,

Beauty in the waves that crash onto rocks

and then slowly fade away…

Beauty in the marvelous plants illuminated

by the bright, shining sun.

Beauty is Joy

The joy of every day.


“The beginning of the end”

The phrase I cannot comprehend.

Life is cycles with gifts in store

Could be a rainbow, could be a war

Like the ant on the Mobius Strip

Where will he fall

should he trip?

Beginnings and endings disguised

Beauty you can recognize.

Beauty is your smile

As bright as fast light coming from the sun;

Grass in a field  

Petals are revealed

Beauty never fades

It never vanishes.

Beauty is eternal

A joy that will never perish –

Roses fall from heaven

An ecstatic atmosphere delighted the universe

The blue sea swished and danced

Beside the yellow, yellow sand

Euphoric were the people

That looked on Beauty.

Endings appear in the blink of an eye

But it is Beauty that does not die.

Did the end come first

Or the beginning finish last?

Who knows? Who cares?

I bask in Beauty.


Leave your past behind,

Flip the page of life,

And let the past fade,

Like soothing pain.

Pluck up courage,

Begin at the beginning,

Flip the page,

Flip the page of life!

Do it with strength,

Do it with a smile:

Your smile is your strength.


I came from the hot lands

Suddenly, everything was cold.

I was used to communicating around me

And now I don’t understand;

but as Time passes by

I notice the beauty all around;

First came the soft snow;

Then came raw red roses

New friends,

New life,

Then I realized.

How inspiring

A new beginning



Life is a huge maze

With many different paths;

Paths with different beginnings,

Paths with different endings.

If you feel lost,

Look at the sapphire sky

And remember the good memories;

Memories of your family,

Memories of your friends,

And you will find your path

©2018 Ambrit International School, Rome. 

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