Middle School – October 19th, 2018


Dear Middle School Parents,

As we approach our Autumn Break I wanted to share some news from our Ambrit Middle School.

Kind regards,
Giovanni Piccolo

Shakespeare at The Globe

On Monday our Grade 7 and 8 students attended a fantastic original language performance of The Merchant of Venice at Villa Borghese’s Globe Theatre. The show was entertaining and gave our students a glimpse of what theatre was like in Shakespeare’s own time. I am sure they will make good use of the experience as the study Romeo and Juliet and The Merchant of Venice this year.


Our Middle School advisory classes were paired with their Grades 1-3 Buddies this week. The monthly buddy experience allows Middle School students to support our younger learners both in class and during extra-curricular activities.

Parent Teacher Conferences

A reminder that school will be closed on Wednesday 24th for our first yearly Parent-Teacher Conferences. These will happen from 8:30 to 16:30 and will be held in the Theatre. The schedule for the conferences is as follows:

6D: 8.30-9.30
7M: 9.30-10.30
6C: 10.30-11.30
8T: 11.30-12.30
7L: 12.30-13.30
8G: 13.30-14.30
6R: 14.30-15.30
8V: 15.30-16.30

Halloween Bake Sale (From Ms Salomon)

Thursday 25 and Friday 26

There will be a number of projects that will involve students of all ages.
Children from Nursery to Grade 8 have been actively involved in preparing decorations for the Halloween display and to create witches for the ‘witchmania’ display.
Students in Grades 5-8 will be carving and decorating pumpkins for the contest, while students in Grades 2-4 will showcase their incredible imagination as they create spheres for the Halloween sphere challenge.

Parents can take part by volunteering an hour of their time to sell cakes during the very busy bake sale days and contribute their creative baking talents with delicious goodies to be sold. All proceeds will continue to support the orphanage “La Maison Des Petits De Diquini” in Haiti helping these children with their education for the possibility of a brighter future in a very difficult reality.

Please sign up here to volunteer.

Students may dress up for Halloween on Friday the 26th.

Friends of Ambrit

Judging by the atmosphere at last Saturday’s Autumn BBQ, everyone – children, staff, parents – had an amazing, relaxing, fun-filled day.

Hats off to the entire Ambrit community because together – children, staff, parents – we made this wonderful annual event a great success.

The next Friends of Ambrit meeting will be this Tuesday, October 23 at 8.30 am in the theatre.

To discuss:

1. Holiday event – based on last meeting’s ideas, we are looking to combine community-service initiatives through student-powered projects and also provide festive moments like a toy exchange, giving tree, atrium decoration that also involve students as class time and curriculum permit.

2. Discussion of projects for spring.

3. Quick autumn BBQ debrief.

Want to help? Have ideas? Please attend and bring your enthusiasm, experience, and energy. In the meantime, you can join the Friends of Ambrit Facebook closed group and subscribe to our updates at http://eepurl.com/dHShnf.

Policy Reminder


Students are not allowed in the school bar without parental supervision after school.

Mobile Phones

In Middle School, students are allowed to bring their Mobile Phones to school. These should be switched off and placed inside their cubbies. Students are not allowed to use their phones during school hours or at dismissal time. Phones are to be kept away until they have exited the gate.

Please refer to the school policy on our website for more information.

Important Calendar Dates

October 29 – November 2: Autumn Break – School Closed

November 22 & 23: Teacher Inservice – School Closed
December 20: Last Day of Classes
December 21 – January 4: Holiday Break

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