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Monday, 12th November 2018


On Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd, November school will be closed for all students whilst teachers take part in in-service days.

Report Cards; Assessment In The Early Years

We continue to reiterate the fact that educating children is a partnership between home and school. Therefore it is important to keep you informed of what and how your child is learning so that you can discuss and engage in their school experiences, stretching the learning to the home environment. This is done regularly through Seesaw and the class blogs and more formally through the child’s report card.

Before the end of November, all families in EC will have received their first unit report card comment. This is an important document that will give an insight into how your child has engaged in their first learning experiences this year.

Assessing younger children means using a wide range of assessment strategies. The teacher needs to build a clear picture of what the student is interested in and how they engage in each task. Understanding how a child thinks and learns takes a particular skill, the teacher really must know the child very well to be able to interpret their thoughts and actions from their discourse and play.

The teachers’ interpretation of a child’s learning does not take place in isolation, we value many perspectives, therefore discussion ensues between the class teacher, the classroom assistant and the single subject teachers. This way we can discover each child’s strength, potential and interests and understand how best our interactions will benefit the child to help them reach their next learning goal.

We hope you enjoy reading about your child’s development over this period and take time to read through the report with your child to show them how much you validate their learning.

Moving towards becoming a Green School

The Early Childhood department has worked very hard over the past few years, striving to make Ambrit EC an environmentally friendly space. We are now trying to work together with Primary, Middle School and the parents to create a truly Green School.

What have we done so far?

  • Contact AMA so that we have the correct containers for all of our refuse.

  • Through the unit ‘Community Action’ the Prep students have investigated throughout the school where and how we need to improve our recycling projects.

The Prep students have taken action:

  • Creating a Video explaining how and why we need to recycle.

  • Labelling bins and distributing them to the whole school community.

  • Installing a bin to collect used batteries.

Our Next Steps: Raising awareness and taking concrete action

  • Creating informative labels, posters and presentations to raise awareness.

  • Using wet wipes that are biodegradable.

  • Asking parents to bring paper plates and biodegradable cutlery when celebrating birthdays.

We ask the Ambrit Community to support our projects by raising awareness in the community

  • Please remember to use bins in the school properly, and remind others to do the same.
  • Everyone has their own water bottles.
  • EC Children are provided with a reusable cup. Students in Primary and MS should bring their own reusable bottle to school.
  • Limit plastic packaging in lunch/snacks.
  • Model correct recycling practices at home
  • Discuss the impact of rubbish (plastic in particular) on the environment.

The FoA will be working with us to help implement new ideas, look out for more information in their upcoming communications.

The Winter Stomp

On Thursday, December 14th at 9:30 you are invited to our EC winter recital. All three grade levels, Nursery, Kinder and Prep will be participating. As this will be the musical event of the year we advise you to add it to your calendar now!

The Parent Portal

The Parent Portal is new and improved! Please enter the password P@rents2018! to enter. In addition to an updated school calendar, you will find a staff directory and past newsletters from the principals and director. Each grade level and class now has their own page with easy access tabs to the daily schedule, curriculum maps and learning stories. We hope these improvements make the Parent Portal more user-friendly and useful. Please let me know what you think of the changes!

The Ambrit Piano and Friends

The Ambrit Piano and Friends annual concert is next week, Thursday at the Ambrit Theater.

Concert begins at 18:30 and lasts about one hour. This is a great opportunity for music lovers and their parents to come and hear professionals perform short pieces on a variety of instruments: flute, violin, piano, voice, clarinet, and ‘cello, among others.

Donations will go to the charity we have supported for many years, the Jhantia Khasi orphanages in Shillong, Meghalaya, India. Bring your friends!

Upcoming Events

In-Service –  22nd and 23rd November (school closed for students)

EC Winter Recital  – Friday, 14th December

Holiday Bazaar – Wednesday, 19th December 

Last Day of classes – Thursday 20th December, students leave at 12:00

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