Proposals will be heard every six months for funding applications and may be considered in competition with each other. Initial applications should be made in writing, considering the following points.

1.FoA can part fund or whole fund a project.
2.Project will be educational and complimentary to the stated aims of Friends of Ambrit.
3. Applicants should consider their project’s impact measured against these aims.
4.Friends of Ambrit will not consider projects outside the parameters of what we consider school fees should fund.
5.While projects need not benefit the entire school community some thought needs to be given to who exactly it benefits, how and whether it could be expanded to be available to other members of the school.
6. Funding will awarded on a basis that is proportionate to the perceived benefit of the project to the wider school community i.e. projects for smaller numbers will probably receive less funding.
7.Projects are expected to be accountable, ensuring financial transparency and committing to report back to FoA and the wider community on the benefits and impact of the project.

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